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I attended Westwood College Online for 5 years in hopes of achieving a bachelor's degree.However since I've reached the maximum loan amount allowed by the government without notice, I've been kicked out and receiving calls everyday from Sallie Mae on how to repay a $78k loan bill.

Had I known it was going to reach this high or even some sort of communication from the college on how much I'm spending would be very nice but thats a bit to much. Westwood Online has rejected all of my communication and now I'm left in the dark with Sallie Mae and trying to patch things up with them as I am working on a job to start paying this bogus piece of paper. Everytime I think of how much I have left to pay, I feel like I just graduated with a masters degree or PHD but no... I have nothing in my pocket but a ruined record and $78k to pay back in my name...

I regret this decision but little did I know when I was younger.Word to the wise, stick to universities and local community colleges as they will always accept credit transfers and future job opportunities will be much easier.

Monetary Loss: $78.

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I went to westwood college online and it ruined my life. i'm 38k indebt, and it seems like although i had student loans, they never deducted my grants from the grand i want a tab for all the expenses i've been charged for. does anyone know how i could possibly do this?


I think what we can take away from your review is that you are exactly the kind of student Westwood wanted and duped correctly.Westwood took two years of my life and over $30k for a crappy education, poorly taught classes, ill informed staff and students.

When I attended we were told often that credits would transfer to local colleges and universities it was also listed on their website. A week before graduation all of these details were removed from the website. Not one person in any of the graduating classes of my year have continued in the fields studied at Westwood college. I've met a few grads that tried and tried to transfer credits.

After realizing that this would not happen they sucked it up and attended standard 4 year universities.

This is a costly way of teaching a person a lesson in "getting all the facts" about a school you plan to attend.I should have gone back to UIC, paid them the $30k and received a bachelors in IT.

Ronald, Washington, United States #438001

So Sad, yes you are.Gotta let the facts speak for themselves.

Are other colleges being sued on a regular basis for fraud? Has their ccreditation been suspended? Gotta go to westwoodisawful . com and review the videos.

They have not been truthful at all. Check out westwoodisawful .

com and judge for yourself.:(


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So what you're saying is that in 5 years!!! you have not logged into your Sallie Mae account once to check how much you owe?

What about the time when you have to sign loan papers? Did you not see the number with tons of 0s at the end?

So how is it the college's fault? No system in the world is imbecile-proof.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #414768

Apparently you've learned nothing in all your years in college.You have to sign every year for your loan and the amount is right there in black and white.

You're blaming others for your problems and you should have been taught not to do that before you hit college.Your parents failed you.

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