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Institution of higher learning my A$$.

I am at my wit's end with this degree mill. They lied to me in every way, shape and form. Ben my admission counselor (Salesman) stated credits would be transferable, now they post on the website they are not transferable. Degree can be used to obtain a better position or higher paying job. Now they state is only gives you the tools to succeed..lies, lies, lies...

Even the Dean, School of Technology of WOL who I met lies to me about future accreditation. Where does it end?

Westwood has voluntarily dropped from Regional Candidacy. As I work a second job (nights and weekends) trying to pay for this now $80,000 education that is worthless, trying to stay afloat of this financial h**l that this college create, my anger grows. So what did I learn that cost me $80,000 and nothing but grief, financial insecurity and embarrassment? That For-Profit schools like Westwood are out to make money off the backs of those who want to succeed and have dreams by lying and making false promises. They are in it only for the money and will not supply you with an education that will allow you to enter the job market. You will be placed so far into debt that no matter what job you apply for, you will not be able to realistically pay it off timely and if you do get a degree from them, it is better used as toilet paper.

I was duped and feel like I've been made a fool by attending this joke of a college. Yes, I am trying to pay off this bogus debt. I have been in the IT business for over 20 years, hold certifications in Cisco, Microsoft and database administration, all obtained prior to Westwood. Here's how great they are, of those that graduated from Westwood with me, here is a list of their current positions as of today: Manager KFC, Walmart Clerk, Homeless and Unemployed, Clerk 7-11, Student (went to a real college to start over)

Now the have a placement guarantee that is really not a guarantee. See the other posts to see how it works. It's your money that they are giving back to you if they cannot help you find a job. You are still paying for it and once the six months are up, you are still saddled with outrageous school loans.

No one who graduated with me was able to work in their field of study and failed to keep their promise of job assistance. Westwood college (joke) needs to be shut down.

Westwood ruined my credit, finances and future dreams.

I am amazed at the amount of fraud,deceit and lies from this degree mill. Online research has provided me with some interesting information.

On 04/20/2011 the BBB accreditation was suspended due to recent government action concerning the marketplace and its customers that demonstrates a significant failure of the company to support the principles and purposes of BBB accreditation. The matter will be reviewed by the BBB's Board of Directors at its next meeting.

On December 14, 2010 the Colorado Commission of Higher Education (CCHE) changed Westwood College's status from Full Authorization to Probationary Authorization due to it's probation order from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has pulled GI Bill funding from all three Texas campuses of a for-profit college accused of misleading advertising and enrollment practices.

At the December 2, 2010 regular CCHE meeting, Commissioners voted to defer action for Westwood College until staff had received notification from the Accrediting Commission for Career Colleges and Schools. Department staff received a "Continued Probation Order" from the ACCSC on December 9,

2010. The ACCSC reviewed the September 1, 2010 Probation Order and the school's response to that action at its November 2010 meeting. It was determined that the school has not demonstrated compliance with the ACCSC's requirements relative to student achievement outcomes.

Additionally, Westwood College was requested to provide information with regard to compliance to several and various state agencies and other accreditors given the allegations of the Government Accountability Office August 4, 2010 report.

On April 6, 2009 the United States of America (on behalf of the United States Board of Education) filed an Amended Complaint in the United State District Court of the Northern District of Texas. Charges filed indicate the business was in violation of state law prohibiting a failure to comply with Statutory and Regulatory Requirements for Proprietary School Operations. Particularly, some charges related to unethical and/or misleading recruitment practices, failure to report unsatisfactory job placement rates for graduates, and/or failure to properly register school representatives. The matter was resolved by a settlement in March 2009.

In 2009, Westwood's parent company, Alta Colleges Inc., of Denver, agreed to pay the U.S. government $7 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the Texas campuses of submitting falsified federal student aid forms.

Wow....and they have the nerve to tell me they are transparent?

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I talked to a counselor today who insists that the Medical Assistant Program is accredited , stating that they are ACICS and that i was grossly subjected to lies from other colleges . so i calmly sent her this link

that states to be eligible to take the CMA extx you must have taken a program accredited by ABBHES OR CAAHEP. Actually arguing with me and here i could have been completely duped if i didn't do the correct research.... i'm disgusted!!!!!

to shelby Chicago, Illinois, United States #1100062

you are a liar.I work in higher ed.

The RMA & CMA allow Medical Assistants to work in the same places. CMA is CAAHEP and RMA is AMT. My students graduate with their RMA and work at the best hospitals in the Chicagoland.

Research takes more than a few minutes on google.Maybe you should refresh some of your high school courses before enrolling in college.


Please vote for Ron Paul 2012. Ron Paul will end the Federal Reserve. Without the Federal Reserve, businesses like Westwood College do not stand a chance.

Ronald, Washington, United States #438002

Been dealing with them for 3 years now, getting nowhere.Visit westwoodisawful .

com to get the real truth behind the scams, frauds and lies this collge continues to dish out.:(


Yeah, I knew a guy who went there. Brother of my sister's boyfriend. He was convinced that it was a "private elite college." For-profit colleges are never a good idea; they only want money.

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